Amy Mintz

Amy Mintz


Amy Mintz started the Project Pay It Forward program to inspire the youth to pay it forward.

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Amy Mintz, Student Body of America Association

Amy Mintz founded the Student Body of America Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to provide easily accessible information and resources to educate and support students in achieving an education, and to guide individuals to apply their knowledge and skills to make the best decisions on an individual and societal basis.

Amy Mintz supervises, directs and oversees all operations and affairs of the nonprofit organization including Project Pay It Forward, the organization's ongoing program to foster positive youth development and encourage youth volunteerism through character education curriculum, engaging media and enriching educational materials, interactive platforms for youth involvement and grant opportunities for youth paying it forward.

As President and Director of Student Body of America Association, she successfully led several past programs of the organization, including the Student Body TV platform, which educated the public on America’s challenges with college affordability and its impact on the youth. The Student Body TV program provided several opportunities and resources for individuals faced with the challenges of unaffordable higher education costs and student loan debt, including several scholarships offered by the nonprofit organization to support students in achieving a higher education. Another previous program, CrowdFundEDU, supported students, educators, schools and organizations to raise funds for educational purposes through a crowdfunding platform.

Prior to founding Student Body of America Association in 2011, Amy focused on her expertise in web development and multimedia production through her consulting business. She also has years of experience in education, teaching at Title I schools and working directly with at-risk and disadvantaged youth. Amy earned her teaching license in 2005 from the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University as a fellowship recipient and was recognized with the Meritorious New Teacher Candidate Designation of Excellence. She received her Bachelor's degree with a double major in Psychology and Fine Arts from James Madison University in 2000.

Amy has served as an Advisory Board Member of the Great Shift Foundation and on the Steering Committee and Public Relations Committee of several arts organizations in the Washington DC area. She has received art awards from the Vienna Arts Society and Art League Gallery.


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