Cheryl Blayblock

Cheryl Blayblock

Trees New York Director

Cheryl Blaylock at Project Pay It Forward Event

Cheryl Blayblock

Cheryl Blaylock is the Director of Youth Programs for Trees New York. She has an eclectic background in the performing arts, winning several awards for design, puppeteering and filmmaking. She uses her talents to bring the science of trees to life for young people.

Cheryl has spearheaded several new programs for Trees New York:

The Arts & Trees program combines the science of trees with performing arts and fine arts such as acting out the life of a newly planted street tree and making tree puppets.

“Trees? Who Cares?” features an interactive visit with Cheryl and Mrs Crabapple, the cantankerous puppet who hates trees.

The Schools and Trees program plants trees on school properties and educates students about the importance of trees.

The Young Urban Forester program trains and certifies teens to care for New York’s urban forest and prepares them for careers in the green industry.

The Tree Stewardship program gives students a hands-on experience cultivating, planting, watering and mulching their adopted trees.



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  • PS3 Charrette School
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