Camilla Hammer

Camilla Hammer

Program Manager

Camilla Hammer

From 2011 to June 2014, Camilla was manager of Battery Urban Farm of The Battery Conservancy, where she oversaw all youth education and community programs.

  • Leader
  • Educator
  • Farmer


Battery Urban Farm programs include:

  • Farm Field Trips
  • Student Farmers
  • City Seedlings
  • Volunteer Saturdays
  • Wednesday Volunteer Hours
  • Garden to School Cafe
  • Seasonal Festivals
  • Teacher Training Program
  • Summer Farm Share

Camilla Hammer oversaw all activities at the Battery Urban Farm of The Battery Conservancy from 2011 to June 2014.

About Camilla Hammer

Camilla was Program Manager of the Battery Urban Farm from 2011 to June 2014. Her previous experience includes Farm Apprentice as Live Power Community Farm. She graduated from New York University with a BA in Environmental Ethics and Food Studies.

Battery Urban Farm is a one acre educational farm, located in the historic Battery, the 25 acre park at the tip of Manhattan. The turkey-shaped farm is home to over 80 varieties of organically-grown vegetables, fruits, flowers, grains, and companion plants.

Battery Urban Farm is open for the growing season from April through October. During this time they welcome local teachers, parents, students from the five boroughs to join in planting, cultivating and harvesting fresh organic produce.

The farm provides an outdoor classroom space for teachers and offers a variety of farm-based learning opportunities. Their education programs are: Farm Field Trips, Student Farmers, and City Seedlings.


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At Battery Urban Farm, Camilla worked closely the Chief Agriculturalist & Volunteer Coordinator, Farm Educator and Project Coordinator to carry out all programs.

Josie Connell

Chief Agriculturalist & Volunteer Coordinator

Josie Connell

Josie Connell is the Chief Agriculturalist and Volunteer Coordinator at Battery Urban Farm.
Josie apprenticed on two farms in central Maryland, an organic CSA farm and a biodynamic market farm, before starting her own organic farm and running a small CSA.
After two years on her own farm, she started an educational farm at an independent school in Montgomery County Maryland where students learned to grow, eat, and compost their own food.
As the Chief Agriculturalist and Volunteer Coordinator, Josie oversees volunteer hours, weekly harvests, and general farm maintenance ranging from crop selection and composting to organic pest control.
Together with the team, Josie also oversees development and execution of the Farm Education Apprenticeship and Teacher Training program pilot.

Anna Scott Ellis

Farm Educator

Anna Scott Ellis

Anna Scott Ellis the Battery Urban Farm Educator.
Anna started her work in urban farming education at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, when she was in high school, and has been teaching students how to grow food ever since!
She took a break from the city to manage the educational garden at The Farm Institute on Martha's Vineyard, before returning to run educational programing at Battery Urban Farm.
She graduated from Beloit College with a Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Biology and a minor in Studio Art.
As the Farm Educator, Anna develops farm curriculum; leads classes; and engages thousands of students from New York City schools, creating direct connections between hands on farm work and lessons learned in the classroom.
Together with the team, Anna also oversees development and execution of the Farm Education Apprenticeship and Teacher Training program pilot.

Lauren Kaplan

Project Coordinator

Lauren Kaplan

Lauren Kaplan is the Project Coordinator of Battery Urban Farm and Volunteer Services. Lauren graduated cum laude with a BA in English and American Literature from Brandeis University. As Coordinator, Lauren used her strong editorial and communications background to spearhead the creation of Battery Urban Farm newsletters, and has played an instrumental role in program development and community outreach, including organization of the annual Harvest Festival. Lauren is the school liaison and primary point of contact for the farm, and represents the project at various conferences and events. Prior to joining TBC, Lauren also worked or volunteered for Red Jacket Orchards, GrowNYC, Garden of Eve, and a number of vineyards in Long Island's East End Wine Country.

The Battery Urban Farm staff

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