Kim DeJesus

Kim DeJesus


Kim DeJesus

Kim has an enriching history of volunteer experience and as co-founder of The David DeJesus Family Foundation.

  • Nonprofit Founder
  • Actress
  • Television Personality


Kim's dedicates herself to philanthropy through The David DeJesus Family Foundation, which she co-founded with her husband to bring hope and aid to the sick, impoverished and distressed, and raising awareness and funds for ALS (commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease) research and treatment.

They have successfully fundraised for ALS research through numerous events including:

  • Strike a Pose Fashion Show
  • Mystery Ball Drive
  • Bite Nite
  • Cure 90/90
  • ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter's Awards Night

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Kim DeJesus is co-founder of The David DeJesus Family Foundation. Their mission is provide comfort and aid to families in crisis who suffer from illness, poverty or disaster and lack access to basic human needs.

About Kim DeJesus

Kim DeJesus is a philanthropist, model and actress, and was recently a Amazing Race 23 contestant.

Her support for good causes ranges from volunteering at a Jamaican orphanage for two summers to co-founding a nonprofit organization, where she and her husband help families in crisis in Chicago and in parts of the world where people lack basic human needs. The David DeJesus Family Foundation is committed to help alleviate suffering for those that face devastation due to illness, poverty or disaster as well as those who seek a voice to be heard. In particular, they have been actively involved in the fight against ALS, the dreadful Lou Gehrig's disease, as they have seen firsthand the devastation it causes.

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