Joyce Kong

Joyce Kong


Joyce Kong

Millennium HS Teacher and Environmental Club Advisor, Joyce Kong lead and supported her students in starting the urban farm at Battery Park.

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Watch Joyce Kong's speak at Project Pay It Forward's community event to support the youth paying it forward.

Millennium High School

Together with her students, Joyce Kong hopes to continue to learn, create and inspire others about urban sustainability.

About Joyce Kong

Joyce Kong is a founding teacher at Millennium High School in New York City, where she teaches biology and environmental science. As the School Sustainability Coordinator, she also advises the after school Green Team and the Student Government Environmental Committee.

Joyce was instrumental in guiding her students to kickstart the Battery Urban Farm program at The Battery Conservancy. The success of this project is a highlight in her career. Along with learning about organic gardening and healthy nutrition each week, Battery Urban Farm has helped to nurture pride and a sense of place for students and their families.

Joyce's interests are centered on empowering students to become independent learners and connecting science content in meaningful ways for students through inquiry-based learning experiences. She has taught students in Pre-K through 12 in New York City Public Schools since 2000.

Joyce's previous experiences include tutoring and working as a research assistant to professors studying education reform. Joyce received a BA in biology and MA in science education from New York University. She holds a Certificate in Horticulture, is a certified Citizen Pruner, and a Million TreesNYC Care Captain. In addition, Joyce is a School Co-Facilitator of the Pace University Inquiry Learning Collaborative, a Teacher Fellow of the Pace University STEM Center Collaboratory and is a 2013 Math for America Master Teacher.

Together with her students, she hopes to continue to learn, create and inspire others about urban sustainability.